IPA: jukrˈeɪn

Root Word: Ukraine


  • A country in Eastern Europe, bordering on the north coast of the Black Sea. Capital and largest city: Kyiv.

Examples of "ukraine" in Sentences

  • The article is about the famine in Ukraine.
  • Home tymoshenko + yanukovych = pro russian ukraine
  • Beeline is already in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Armenia.
  • The stuff about the ukraine is the setup, not the pitch.
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  • The type specimen is at the National Herbarium of Ukraine.
  • He was energetically involved in Dekulakization in Ukraine.
  • He is the leader of the Monastery of the Cry for Mercy in Ukraine.
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  • At the time, Makhno was the leader of the insurgent army of Ukraine.
  • He was an Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
  • It is landlocked, bounded by Ukraine on the east and Romania to the west.
  • The company concentrates principally on projects in the Ukraine and Russia.
  • States that are not complying with the visa facilitation agreement with Ukraine.
  • The Ukraine should be divided into 2 countries—a pro-ukraine West and a pro-russian East.
  • As a jew born in ukraine I have to point out that Jewish identity was largly an ethnicity back there. abb1 Says:
  • My stepdad used to live in ukraine and when he came to canada our “advanced calculus” classes were like ukraines grade 8 math.
  • August 27th, 2009 / Posted by fpcarrie / Permalink say hello to mark khaisman, a philadephia-based artist who hails from kiev, ukraine. his medium of choice is tape.
  • By the way, it also goes to show you how allowing them to restrict something they dont have a right to restrict, gives them a set of thumbscrews and a tap to turn off and on.. kind of like gasprom and the ukraine..
  • Comments: hey, economically europe and especially eastern europe is going to be transformed by an aging population. in the country I know best (ukraine), demographic trends predict a continued loss in population over the next few decades.

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