IPA: jukrˈeɪniʌn

Root Word: Ukrainian


  • A citizen of Ukraine or a person of Ukrainian ethnicity.
  • The East Slavic language of Ukrainians, and the official language of Ukraine.


  • Relating to Ukraine or its people.

Examples of "ukrainian" in Sentences

  • Ukrainians veer toward right wing nationalism.
  • Bosnia general consumption the spd ukrainian london
  • General management ukrainian prime minister economy
  • The Ukrainian sources transliterate the name as Ihor.
  • He was especially disapproving of Ukrainian settlement.
  • Websites archives: tag cloud parliament ukrainian general
  • I was amazed that the bulk of the women all spoke Ukrainian.
  • The service included the funeral rite of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
  • Israel currency ukrainian turkish students democratic ageing opposition
  • He becomes a norwegian, I become a bosniak, ukrainian, pole or whatever.
  • But the originality of the Ukrainian shorthand should be specially noted.
  • This has largely been due to the colossal efforts of the Ukrainian Churches.
  • You have to renounce the citizenship of other country to accept the Ukrainian.
  • By the end of 1918, the situation for the Ukrainian National Republic was dire.
  • Starytsky made a considerable contribution to Ukrainian theater and dramaturgy.
  • Croatia reforms christian democrats attacks opposition ukrainian treaty currency
  • Communism labour rights soviet prime minister children industry structural ukrainian public
  • Spanish family the spd attacks germans employment ukrainian yushchenko structural education independence ageing
  • Only 4% can speak fluently english and the confusion between russian and ukrainian has created a huge problem in the Institutes and in the daylife.

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