IPA: jukrˈeɪniʌn

Root Word: Ukranian


  • Misspelling of Ukrainian. [A citizen of Ukraine or a person of Ukrainian ethnicity.]


  • Misspelling of Ukrainian. [Relating to Ukraine or its people.]

Examples of "ukranian" in Sentences

  • This idea of a Ukranian famine is a joke.
  • Does Ukranian have to be added to the list.
  • The production variant had the Ukranian engine.
  • Because of personal allegiances with a Ukranian editor.
  • Malinovsky was an illegitimate child of a Ukranian mother.
  • · Spell corrections by Yuri Chornoivan (ukranian translator).
  • The highest degree of diversification was observed in Ukranians.
  • What happened there and what was the deal with speaking ukranian?
  • About the naming lets stick to the convention of the Ukranian State.
  • The Military of the Republic of Macedonia acquired second hand Ukranian Mi 24Vs.
  • If you're not able, find a song from an ukranian artist and make alyosha sing it.
  • En casi toda dating ukranian, worth more when used by Of. Questions is this, plan to build.,
  • I personally really like the story about that beautiful ukranian princess. the food looks great B.
  • Mmmm, and some cheesecake pizza hot roasted nuts from a streetcorner vendor gelato sushi latkes hot sausage ukranian jamaican fondue gyros … I miss NY!
  • Other Thoughts: the phone has english, but is hard to change to if you dont understand ukranian. ill give step by step directions to change it to english.
  • coltaine: well. carla is only 7 years younger. and nothing is quite as sexy as a corrupt russian/ukranian oil-gas tycoon eh? i keeed, i keeed. i am sure she is the one eastern european oil-gas tycoon who wasn't corrupt.
  • Despite large increases in students due to immigration (hispanic, russian/ukranian, asian), burgeoning apartment complexes, and people moving out of inner Portland, the district has managed its money carefully and does not need to make any major cuts.
  • Airbus delivers two A320s to Air India, IndiGo singles dating, singles dating personals, singles in qatar, singles matchmaking ukrainian women dating, ukranian dating, ukranian girls rusian girls, rusian singles, rusian women, russia girls Intimasi Dengan Tuhan by Ps. Jimmy Soriton-Part 5 of 5 IFGF GISI QATAR

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