IPA: ˈʊɫr

Root Word: Ullr


  • (Norse mythology) An Áss associated with archery and skiing; the stepson of Thor.

Examples of "ullr" in Sentences

  • Ullr is a very strange and obscure figure.
  • It seems to indicate Ullr as an important god.
  • Thor also has a stepson called Ullr who is a son of Sif.
  • A figure holding a bow may be an early representation of Ullr.
  • Ullr is a transformer, he changes into a black panther at night.
  • Nowadays Ullr is known as the snow god among modern ski culture.
  • Ullr is the name of one, who is a son of Sif, and a step son of Thor.
  • It may not be a coincidence that they are the only ones to refer to Ullr.
  • The first element is the genitive case of the name of the Norse god Ullr.

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