ulmus laevis

IPA: ˈʌɫmʌsɫeɪvɪs

Root Word: Ulmus laevis


  • Ulmus laevis Pall., variously known as the European white elm, fluttering elm, spreading elm, stately elm and, in the United States, the Russian elm, is a large deciduous tree native to Europe, from FrancePhotographs of U. laevis (L'Orme lisse) in France: in the Forêt du Romersberg, Moselle, (bottom of page), and near Walbourg, Bas-Rhin, (top of page); Archive Krapo arboricole northeast to southern Finland, east beyond the Urals into Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, and southeast to Bulgaria and the Crimea; there are also disjunct populations in the Caucasus and Spain, the latter now considered a relict population rather than an introduction by man, and possibly the origin of the European population.

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