IPA: vdeɪ

Root Word: V-Day


  • Short for Victory Day. [Any of various public holidays in various countries to commemorate victories in important battles or wars in the countries' history.]
  • (informal) Short for Valentine's Day. [Saint Valentine's Day]

v day

IPA: vˈideɪ

Root Word: V Day


  • an Irish COVID-19 documentary film, featuring the behind the scenes of Ireland's national COVID-19 vaccination campaign beginning in late February 2021, which shared the stories of relief and reunions from what was Ireland's largest vaccination campaign.

Examples of "v-day" in Sentences

  • Search in other blogs : happy p-day v-day weekend.
  • Ladeezman42: I DON'T REMEMBER spendin v-day wit her
  • Kickass43: she wuz still mad bout tha brush saw from v-day
  • Kickass43: & wunderin how 2 wrap tha brush saw I got 4 laura 4 v-day
  • February 15, 2008 petite gourmand said ... aww ... what a sweet photo. happy v-day to you.
  • Related posts: where can i find literacy criticism on langston hughes poem, will v-day be me-day too?
  • And yes, they definitely look like little swimmers, I don't think it's just because of the v-day post!
  • Naturally there was a big box of v-day chocolates in the middle of it all which actually contained chocolates, not…meat.
  • Amy said ... wow! i've been following your blog for a while and i love how much you've matured and expanded in your baking/candy-ing! have a good v-day!
  • I'm totally viola- giggles...lol i agree with sebastian. doing anything exciting for v-day? us single ladies should get together and make the taken boys/girls jealous...

Examples of "vday" in Sentences

  • Donate directly to Panzi Hospital through vday. org.
  • For more on V-Day and V to the Tenth visit www. vday.org.
  • For more information on sexual violence in the DRC, go to vday.org.
  • Credit: V-Day (vday. org); for more information go to vday. org/psa.
  • Deeptesh - glad you could experience a terrific vday for the first time.
  • To receive the latest tour information, sign up for V-Mail at vday. org/vmail.
  • The tray might have come in handy incase we drank too much too. happy belated anti-vday to you and The-Man-Stan.
  • And if you don't live in the New York City area you can still help, just visit www. cohintl.org and www. vday.org to donate, get involved, and learn more.
  • And at the store I was at, both the regular Medium bags (which are still 14oz) and the vday bags had the same "regular" price of $3.79, making people believe that they are basically the same amount of product.

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