IPA: wˈægʌnɝ

Root Word: Waggoner


  • A surname originating as an occupation for a wagoner.
  • (astronomy) Alternative spelling of Wagoner [(astronomy) The constellation Auriga.]
  • Alternative spelling of wagoner [Someone who drives a wagon.]

Examples of "waggoner" in Sentences

  • Never separate the two, like the heathen waggoner.
  • “Our postilion is looking after the waggoner,” said
  • Then she gives it to some waggoner to fill the farmer's barns.
  • After the incident at the gallows, he began traveling with a waggoner.
  • His name means "waggoner," and a right good waggoner he that day proved to be.
  • These the waggoner delivered to each of us respectively, reading the name aloud first.
  • April 24th, 2006 at 11: 04 am ann waggoner says: wonder how many people died in iraq while dick napped.
  • He met a waggoner and tried to make him understand, but the tale he told and his appearance were so wild—his hat had fallen off in the pit—that the man simply drove on.
  • As soon as he had committed himself, it was confided to the audience that the waggoner was a depraved villain, in the employ of that notorious profligate, Colonel Chartress, who had commissioned a second myrmidon
  • But he was soon up again, with the assistance of a rough waggoner whose team had stuck fast there too; and when we had helped him out of his difficulty, in return, we left him slowly ploughing towards them, and went slowly and swiftly forward, on the brink of a steep precipice, among the mountain pines.
  • The worthy waggoner, according to the established customs of all carriers, stage-coachmen, and other persons in public authority, from the earliest days to the present, never wanted good reasons for stopping upon the road, as often as he would; and the place which had most captivation for him as a resting-place was a change-house, as it was termed, not very distant from a romantic dell, well known by the name of Keirie Craigs.

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