IPA: wɑhˈɑbi

Root Word: Wahabi


  • Alternative spelling of Wahhabi [(Islam) An adherent of Wahhabism (Sunni Islamic fundamentalist reform movement).]

Examples of "wahabi" in Sentences

  • SDI also refutes the beliefs of the Wahabis.
  • Taliban are wahabi muslims and they use drugs to make a living.
  • Sometime wahabi, but that is considered to be deragatory by some.
  • Some of them were declared as apostate by wahabi/salafi/sunni Muslims.
  • It just assumes that all muslim converts in prison are wahabi extremeists.
  • The UK is terrified to the point of soiling itself that extremist wahabi fundamentalists will take over.
  • Maybe Phillips is right and he will deliver America into the hands of black power, communist revival and wahabi extremism.
  • So Jimmy Carter, not Reagan, started and financed the global wahabi jihad to the tune of billions, what an interesting version of history.
  • This is where the madrassas that teach the extremist wahabi form of Islam that says, hey, go kill Americans, Allah will bless you are allowed to flourish.
  • Especially the rather medieval Saudis with their wahabi religious police, the Matawah, on the lookout for hair peeking out from under abbayas and public beheadings!
  • Saudi Arabia wants 4 times the fair price for the oil commodity whilst skimming of the top the billions needed for it and Iran to fund wahabi Osama Bin Ladin's war against Europe and the USA.
  • Meanwhile, for the one Obama-is-a-wahabi nut I met at the bus stop, I have met many others who were really interested to hear what I had to say in favor of Sen Obama, so as a campaign strategy I dare say that bus-riding has been a net-plus.
  • ABC: I think we can go on conversing but many people in the Muslim world, probably the overwhelming majority – certainly the overwhelming majority of educated Muslims – would say we actually need some support, some deepening, some strengthening in resisting the sort of neo-puritan Sawafi wahabi trends which wipe out Islamic history and make Islam something rather barbaric.

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