IPA: wɑhʌbɪzʌm

Root Word: Wahabism


  • Alternative form of Wahhabism [(Islam) A Sunni Islamic fundamentalist reform movement based on the teachings of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (c. 1703–1792), followed primarily in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.]

Examples of "wahabism" in Sentences

  • There is no such thing as wahabism in Islam.
  • So he could not have been a so called enemy of wahabism.
  • After Russian troops ravaged Chechnya, wahabism indeed becomes very popular in Chechnya.
  • Look at the major religious figures in the community ... the problem is that wahabism and ayatollism is clearly becoming the norms within the islamic community.
  • "deobandi" who are a off-shoot of wahabism so for me as a young Brit Muslim i take what they say with a pinch of salt because they just want to dig deep into the governmental treasurey and have been doing so.
  • However, there is no question in my mind that 9 / 11 really was committed by believers of wahabism, although I don't agree with the kind of collective punishment that has been levied against them where most of them are innocent.
  • Sudan, Dubai, Yemen, Egytp etc and with the world jihadist movement and the world is just now waking up to it and the facts has been there for a long time and now they are exporting terrorism, jihadism, wahabism and Al Qaida to the world.
  • You see, with Saudi Arabia, there is no question that it is a vicious dictatorship, which spreads its corruption throughout the world, which effectively enslaves the female half of its population by treating them as the property of men and that exports such an extreme and illiberal ideology as wahabism throughout the world including the UK, under the guise of community investment.
  • Dr. Mutallab the father of the terrorist was just covering his ass because he does not want to loose his investment in the Westen World and he does not want his family to be place on the no fly list as he wants to still enjoy his vacation and western women and western wine and drinks in Engalnd, Europe and America while still using extremism and corruption to maintain their corrupt hold in Nigeria by stealing from their people, thats thats why he reported his son to America, because he and most of the Muslim leaders in Nigeria knows more and they are part of the sponsors of world wide jihadism wahabism from Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Dubai, Yemen,

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