IPA: wˈɑhʌbɪzʌm

Root Word: Wahhabism


  • (Islam) A Sunni Islamic fundamentalist reform movement based on the teachings of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (c. 1703–1792), followed primarily in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Examples of "wahhabism" in Sentences

  • Please join us in the wahhabism discussion page.
  • First of all there is no such thing as wahhabism.
  • I agree that there is no such thing as wahhabism.
  • Sunni scholars have time and again denounced wahhabism.
  • They seem to be writing to say that there is no such thing as wahhabism.
  • You will see that some do not see any sense in calling anything wahhabism.
  • JP: "Is wahhabism a view that there should not be any separation of church and state or mosque and state?"
  • Instead, Muslims in Britain imbibe the milk of exported Saudi wahhabism, wetnursed by fundamentalist imams from Pakistan.
  • He single handedly did a lot to promote wahhabism in the USA and especially Connecticut, and thus far he has not yet recanted any of it.
  • There is a curious disconnect between Kadyrov's attitude to "wahhabism" as an ideology and to the young militants who take up arms in its name.
  • Devotional (bhaki/sufi) education is a must so as to give Dalits the sentimental-cum-devotional shakti to face down the juggernaut of Hindu fundamentalism, and the jihad of British-Saudi wahhabism.
  • third, the only way to fight terrorism is with public transportation, cuz we get most our oil from Saudi Arabia and in the process give money to wahhabists wahhabism is a hardline sect of Islam which is what most the terrorists are.
  • IIIb. islamic fundamentalism sunni muslim brotherhood wahhabism/salafism The Muslim Brotherhood, or Al Ikhwan Wahhabism/Salafism are terms used Al Muslimeen is a transnational Sunni interchangeably to refer to a particular movement, with no particular ideological brand of Islam.
  • Khameni and Khatami will take over and this nonsense will stop. the real problem is saudi arabia. it has always been saudi arabia, and their exportation of wahhabism everywhere. they simply told the US the shiites must lose or we are switching to the euro, we will pump oil at over 100 a barrel, have China cash in its treasury bonds and then say goodbye US economy.
  • December 15th, 2008 8: 55pm extremely well put Logdon, and for whatever reasons of incompetence, financial enrichment or crass ideological dishonesty, the results will be that Britain has been put on the list of world regions which are on the fault lines of Islamic bloody expansion and it is only a matter of time before the mayhem begins over here. and yet in the FO who paid notice to the likes of Haj Amin Al Husseini when he allied with Nazi ideology and incorporated wahhabism into the Muslim Brotherhood and forecast back in the thirties what is happening in the west today? it has always and is today plain to see.

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