waist deep

IPA: wˈeɪstdip

Root Word: Waist Deep


  • a 2006 American action drama film directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall and starring Tyrese Gibson and Meagan Good.
  • Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture Waist Deep is the soundtrack to Vondie Curtis-Hall's 2006 film Waist Deep.


IPA: wˈeɪstdˈip


  • (of water etc) As deep as would reach to the waist (of a standing person).

Examples of "waist-deep" in Sentences

  • No one could get in or out unless they waded through a waist-deep lake.
  • She walked out until she was waist-deep and then put her head down and swam.
  • A rescuer said the water there was only waist-deep, but Brown said hypothermia would have quickly set in.
  • One o'clock came, and two o'clock, and the pirates were clustering on the highest shoal, waist-deep in water.
  • In their hands were swords and spears, and they were leaping, waist-deep, into the sea-wash and wading ashore.
  • And it carried understanding and command to the man at the wheel, and to Mr. Pike, waist-deep in the wash of sea below us.
  • Last night residents of Carradeux were completely cut off from the outside world, as the rainwater and mud were waist-deep.
  • Even as I looked a bursting sea filled the runway between the house and rail, and through the doorway in which I stood the freezing water rushed waist-deep.
  • As I got older and heavier, I had to walk more carefully in case I broke through the top layer and ended up struggling through the waist-deep powder underneath.

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