IPA: wˈɔɫtɝ

Root Word: Walter


  • A male given name from the Germanic languages.
  • A surname.
  • An unincorporated community in Cullman County, Alabama, United States.
  • A township in Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota, United States.


  • (obsolete, dialect, UK, Scotland) To roll or wallow; to welter.

Examples of "walter" in Sentences

  • The prosecutor in the case was Walter Stoll.
  • Will they underwrite the Walter Kaufmann view
  • Sir Walter Scott published Harold the Dauntless.
  • This was because of Walters' darting runs and deft passing.
  • He was the son of the famous philatelist John Walter Scott.
  • He was the grandson of noted philologist Walter William Skeat.
  • He is the author of the definitive biography of Walter Lippman.
  • Wouldn't it be presumptuous to say that Walter wrote the script
  • If you are a friend why didnt you knock the 'walter' out of him?
  • To the guy who called walter wacko, lighten up, he's a lawyer too.
  • The author is the biographer of Walter Gordon and John Diefenbaker.
  • Walter and colleagues conducted the experiment in the chronometric paradigm.
  • Sorry "walter", but your fellow MG-kool-aid drinkers already covered all that ground with me.
  • Leonardtown Governmental Center, 23115 Leonard Hall Dr. 301-475-4200, Ext. 1847, or walter.
  • i get the feeling that Dogg is prolly the last person to sniff this out. didn't we already see posts by 'walter' and 'sam'.
  • Long lines or down riggers. .spoons or peanuts with cowbells or body baits walleye/lakers/salmon or bouncing crawler harnesses for walter and cats and bass! occasional whitefish!
  • I read a three-book series by walter and really liked it. now we come to the age problem: don't recall the trilogy title. also, loaded by bill spencer (as the above) was a 3 vol-series by someone else. if you care, email him. i seldom like any sf anymore and that's two. neal

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