IPA: ˈɛksɫˈɪŋkt

Root Word: X-linked


  • (genetics) Associated with the X chromosome.

Examples of "x-linked" in Sentences

  • Dress As surgeon/shoe designer Taryn Rose notes, foot pain is "not an x-linked problem."
  • IL-2 receptor deficiency is responsible for the x-linked severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome (X-SCID).
  • This particular immutation that we are looking at is for cystic fibrosis, but we can look at mutations for other diseases, Tay-Sachs, hemophilia, sickle-cell anemia, x-linked diseases.
  • You should now be able to conclude which strain has mutations that are autosomal and linked, which strain has mutations that are both autosomal and unlinked, and which strain has an autosomal mutation and an x-linked mutation responsible for either the Dpy or Unc phenotype

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