IPA: zˈeɪvjɝ

Root Word: Xavier


  • A male given name from Spanish.
  • A surname, found chiefly among people of Spanish and Portuguese descent.
  • Any of various notable people with this name as given name or surname, especially Saint Francis Xavier, a Spanish Catholic saint and missionary (1506–1552).

Examples of "xavier" in Sentences

  • Xavier is too late to intervene.
  • Xavier then lost the title to Joe.
  • They faced Xavier in the first round.
  • Xavier demolished the stadium in 1988.
  • Xavier has an excellent record, and...
  • They lost in the second round to Xavier.
  • | Reply lmao and xavier is the ref! precious rofl!
  • 'xavier's'kampua do not exist anymore, true or not?
  • Athletics are not only available to Xavier students.
  • He'll be known as the "former" Arizona senator. xavier
  • Xavier was the architect and the builder of the Primary School.
  • He prefered to enroll in the University of Saint Francis Xavier.
  • Francis Xavier made that emotional appeal to the studious youth of his times.
  • April 21st, 2010 8: 22 pm ET you have got to be kidding me! xavier from Miami
  • - send your donations to the kkp office in xavier university, ATENEO DE CAGAYAN.
  • I'm getting REALLY sick of the Republicans 'short-sighted, me-first greed. xavier
  • Huh? God, if that doesn't make clear the values and priorities of Republicans nothing will. xavier
  • Seems I should be less responsible ... then I might be able to get some goodies from this administrtaion. xavier
  • He is the perfect person for the job, just like the rest of the GOP he has no clue as to what, when, where, or how to do anything. xavier
  • Democracy depends on dialogue and an open. objective press and when one side choses to shout down and try to silence refusing to let them exercise their freedom of speech the other side we are left with tyranny! xavier

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