IPA: zˈinɑrθrʌ

Root Word: Xenarthra


  • (from Ancient Greek ξένος, xénos, "foreign, alien" + ἄρθρον, árthron, "joint") a major clade of placental mammals native to the Americas.

Examples of "xenarthra" in Sentences

  • Xenarthra now has the rank of cohort or super order.
  • The Xenarthra are part of the super cohort Atlantogenata.
  • Also included among the Xenarthra are anteaters and armadillos.
  • Epitherians comprise all the eutherian mammals except the Xenarthra.
  • Or conversely, if the mechanisms used by the afrotheria, the xenarthra, and the other mammalian groups that lack an appendix to switch off appendix development were identical, that would suggest that the last common ancestor of the eutheria had that mechanism, lacked an appendix, and those euarchontoglires definitely did re-evolve the appendix.

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