IPA: zˈɛnʌfʌn

Root Word: Xenophon


  • Athenian historian and philosopher born 427 B.C.E. and author of the Anabasis and Memorabilia. He was a pupil of Socrates and became a general during the Persian wars.

Examples of "xenophon" in Sentences

  • Xenophon only, with other works.
  • Xenophon was successful in being elected.
  • Xenophon extends magnificence also to women.
  • The earliest one to write about it was Xenophon.
  • Xenophon then turns to the position of the rider.
  • The o in Xenophon in long but in phonos it is short.
  • Xenophon would not be glad to hear such a statement.
  • This news they reported to Xenophon and the main body.
  • After this, Xenophon put himself at the head and the rest followed.
  • Also, most of the Memorabilia is Xenophon's personal reminiscence of Socrates.
  • I bet a mass murderer might have second thoughts about doing something in ... virgil xenophon: SID / Agree.
  • Sandman: Four externals and a buddy store, always nice to see that light go from yellow to green at the plugin … virgil xenophon: Yeah, Bribes.
  • Not a wheelgun, 1911 or any manly caliber has showed up yet. virgil xenophon: Yak / Didn't know you'd had any AFNORTH experience-ever make it up to Bodo? ...
  • MaxDamage: Note the exhausts run aft of the cockpit and passenger cabin, and are pointed downward at the tips .... virgil xenophon: I STILL vote for my Kodiak's.
  • They did it during the Vietnam war, as did ... virgil xenophon: OldT6 / Well, Obama IS a lawyer, after all, as was that first President to parse the meaning of the ...
  • If you stop and think about it, What ... virgil xenophon: Great, great, introspective stuff-where else may one get those two great philosophers John ... modern educational system.
  • XBradTC: My comparison has been that it is like the mayor giving the SWAT team authority to use lethal force to end a ... virgil xenophon: LOL, you're probably right about that, XBrad, helos are natoriously unstable beasts and ...
  • Report Abuse senator xenophon was a card carrying member of the liberal party once. but he resigned after his fellow party members 'dropped him it' regarding some corruption involving money. it all boils down to, 'who can you trust'.
  • Brian: Why waste a good seat on a knucklehead like that guy - the 'FO deserves a good one though, for manning ... virgil xenophon: Lex, Michelle: There have been occasional proposals floated at various times and at verious levels ...

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