IPA: zɛnʌpʊs

Root Word: Xenopus


  • (Gk., ξενος, xenos=strange, πους, pous=foot, commonly known as the clawed frog) a genus of highly aquatic frogs native to sub-Saharan Africa.

Examples of "xenopus" in Sentences

  • There are 18 species in the Xenopus genus.
  • (A) Vertebrate Ugt5 genes in teleosts and xenopus.
  • He worked on endocrinology and used the Xenopus frog.
  • Xenopus frogs were also used in a similar frog test .
  • Mammals have a migratory path comparable to that in Xenopus.
  • Xenopus laevis Exposed to Atrazine in Outdoor Microcosms Environ.
  • I am not sure that Silurana can be considered a synonyn for Xenopus.
  • It is the only species in the Xenopus genus to have a diploid genome.
  • A similar protein in Xenopus is involved in embryonic pattern formation.
  • The default state for fruit flies is dorsal, but in xenopus, it's ventral.
  • Xenopus has a number of unique experimental advantages as a vertebrate model.
  • The ancestral xenopus Ugt1 cluster contains the Ugt 1aI and 1aII variable exons.
  • The type of frog, known as a xenopus, is a major model used in U.S. biomedical research.
  • A Quantitative analysis of the activation and inactivation kinetics of HERG expressed in xenopus oocytes.
  • Time, Voltage and ionic concentration dependent of rectification of h - erg expressed in xenopus oocytes.
  • Please take a look at optic tectum (and xenopus laevis which I have stopped working on for the same template-related reasons).

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