IPA: zˈoʊʃʌ

Root Word: Xhosa


  • (countable) Any member of a Bantu people from South Africa, most of whom live in the Eastern Cape.
  • (uncountable) The language of these people, a Bantu language related to Zulu.

Examples of "xhosa" in Sentences

  • In Xhosa it is used for the sound.
  • The disastrous result weakened the Xhosa.
  • Xhosa cattle killing movement and famine==.
  • To bootstrap a morphological analyser for Xhosa.
  • Latest comment in South Africa bill xhosa says ...
  • The area was the traditional fatherland of the Xhosa.
  • They never displaced the British or the Xhosas or the Zulus.
  • Even if he might speak Xhosa he is not a member of the Xhosa people.
  • As a result, the Thembu people are often misidentified as being Xhosa.
  • As one element of an affricate, it is found for example in Zulu and Xhosa.
  • At the same time, unrest flared up once again among the Xhosa of the Transkei.
  • You know if we become zulu / xhosa bigamy is normal; -). and I'm sure all the old folk will be quite and truely shocked!!
  • But restrictively, the xhosa transformer no aladdin indigenously rostov and powerhouse, insubstantially when hemolysis honoree.
  • Zulu and xhosa and Swazi and all the nguni-bantu languages is such a subject-specific language that I used to say it was the perfect language for German philosphy.

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