IPA: iʃˈeɪpt

Root Word: Y-shaped


  • Shaped like the capital letter "Y".

Examples of "y-shaped" in Sentences

  • The mouth is located on the small sucker and has three jaws with sharp teeth that make a y-shaped incision in the flesh.
  • These y-shaped proteins bind to invaders, preventing them from attaching and passing through the mucous lining into the tissues and bloodstream of the body.
  • Bron stainless steel mandolines and classic Swiss y-shaped potato peelers are 20 per cent off all week at Nikolaou Restaurant Equipment 629 Queen St. W., 416-504-6411.
  • Because I lived on the W. coast of Florida, I immediately turned my head towards the east, and saw the remnants of the shuttle, the y-shaped white cloud left from the explosion.
  • As with other swallowtails, these caterpillars 'posses a bright reddish orange, y-shaped gland called an osmeterium, which contains a mixture of highly noxious chemicals that smell like rancid butter.
  • If this picture of consciousness as some kind of continuous occupation by a consciousness me-thingamus, it really is as if that thingamus just smears apart and splits into two halves, forming a y-shaped personal timeline.
  • I also hear that they are good to eat and could be marketed for commerical fishing if it wasn't for the y-shaped bones in the meat. this fish is a night mare and has taken over several bodies of water and the great lakes will be next!!!!

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