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Root Word: Y2K


  • (computing, by metonymy) millennium bug
  • Abbreviation of year 2000.
  • Alternative form of Y2K [(computing, by metonymy) millennium bug]

Examples of "y2k" in Sentences

  • In the days leading up to Y2K...
  • The most alarmist Y2K story yet.
  • Take a look at Y2K problem article.
  • Can't believe Y2K was nine years ago.
  • He was there for the big Y2K bug scare.
  • Y2K is the perfect metaphor for one outcome.
  • The cover was in response to the fear of Y2K.
  • Y2K or no Y2K, they deserve a place in every home.
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  • The program was also Y2K and survived the century changeover.
  • Mathematical issues are or can be discussed in the Y2K article.
  • “When y2k hits, Klintoon will declare Marshall Law and cancel the elections”
  • Yes | No | Report from jjas wrote 8 weeks 6 days ago y2k was a load of crap and 2012 will be too.
  • It seems like only yesterday that we were holding our collective breath, wondering what 'y2k' was going to be.
  • We had a dot-com boom and y2k which resulted in a bubble in the economy. there were many jobs created during the boom. a lot of them start-up companies funded by venture capital money.
  • So, just like we had to sweat through the "y2k" scenario (remember that and all the panic and speculation?) it is apparent that those who are aware of this threat have to sweat this one out too.
  • The great thing about peak oil is that, unlike y2k, it doesn't have a year attached to it so you can keep yammering about impending doom and when the world goes in a more Julian Simon direction you can keep saying that it's just around the corner.
  • My pet peeve is two digit years for the date -- we act as if we learned nothing from y2K and will require someone to reindex our work another 100 years from now -- I guess many people don't want their work to stick around that long, but if y2k taught me anything it is to use 4 digit dates.

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