IPA: jˈɑwɛ

Root Word: Yahweh


  • (history of religion) The name of the God of Israel worshipped by the Jahwist prophets in the kingdoms of Israel and Judah in antiquity.
  • (biblical) In "Sacred Name Bibles", a transliteration of the Tetragrammaton.

Examples of "yahweh" in Sentences

  • The sight was like the glory of Yahweh.
  • The name of the deity at issue is Yahweh.
  • Faith in Yahweh alone is the primary virtue.
  • There are already articles on Yahweh and Allah.
  • I meant the penis of the anthropomorphic Yahweh.
  • He was the founder and leader of the Nation of Yahweh.
  • Yahweh ben Yahweh only faced conviction for conspiracy.
  • Tell me johnnie retard, why did yahweh hate meat eaters again?
  • An article about the God Yahweh, not only about the name Yahweh.
  • The members of the Assemblies of Yahweh consistently use the name Yahweh.
  • Persons who want to write an article on the name Yahweh can go to Yahweh.
  • I am shocked and appalled by the use of the word 'yahweh' in the quotes from the bible.
  • We picked him up at bargin basement prices, now were keeping an eye out for yahweh on the cheap.
  • They are vile twisted hillbillies that are a threat to our way of life whether they pray to allah, god or yahweh.
  • Here's more video of prophet yahweh summoning UFOS, for ABC news [Las Vegas ABC television affiliate KNTV] this time.
  • Even the pronunciation yahweh is incorrect as the vocalization for this god appears nowhere but is only surmised from its substitution.
  • For by common consent the lexicons interpret the expression qara 'beshem yahweh to mean: to "use the name of Yahweh in worship" (B D B).
  • The expression "way of Yahweh" (derekh yahweh) requires "Yahweh" to be construed as a subjective genitive: "the way which Yahweh desires."
  • Abram's first mild complaint, expressing what has long burdened his soul and caused fear (v. 1b), begins: "Lord Yahweh," i. e., 'adhonay yahweh.
  • For Catholics, literal scripture is not usually considered so critical anyway, but it is still worth pointing out that the abortion prohibition is a creation of men, not yahweh. of course for many Catholics it has also usually been true that anything that seems anti-sexual freedom is also automatically assumed to be the word of God.

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