IPA: jˈækʌtijæk


  • Alternative spelling of yackety-yak [(slang) prolonged chatter; uninterrupted, idle talk; gossip]


  • Alternative spelling of yackety-yak [(intransitive, slang) To talk pointlessly and uninterruptedly.]

yakety yak

IPA: jˈækʌtijæk

Root Word: Yakety Yak


  • "Yakety Yak" is a song written, produced, and arranged by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller for the Coasters and released on Atco Records in 1958, spending seven weeks as #1 on the R&B charts and a week as number one on the Top 100 pop list.

Examples of "yakety-yak" in Sentences

  • COLLINS: A whole lot of yakety-yak going on in the NEWSROOM.
  • And those grotty little congressmen with their Yankee yakety-yak.
  • "I'm still cleaning up after the yakety-yak diplomats," Herbert replied.
  • “The usual — the media blew it all out of proportion, it wasn’t really that bad, Anchorage DAs are held to a high standard, yakety-yak.”
  • For the most part, however, readers are left to wend their way through an often beguiling maze of digression, reminiscence, yakety-yak erudition and occasional unreliability.
  • While I’m not into the “mark of the beast” yakety-yak that many Christians seem to be drawn to, I did find her research and comments to be of concern if for no other reason, our freedom and liberty.
  • At a stage in life when most newsmen hang up their workaday suspenders for a cushy academic chair and the occasional trot around the Sunday morning yakety-yak circuit, Mr. Rather continues to chase stories.
  • Now and then, Jason Freese would step from behind the keyboards to play yakety-yak tenor saxophone, aiding the band as it segued from “King for a Day,” a goofy tune from 1997’s “Nimrod,” into a version of the Isley Brothers’ “Shout” with an interlude of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me.”
  • Others there that night included a well-connected lawyer who would soon be nominated to fill a key cabinet post; the chief executive of one of the nation's leading cable-television networks; the former chief executive of the mortgage industry's biggest firm; a gaggle of high-powered lawyers; a pride of investment bankers; a flight of social butterflies; and a chattering of well-known cable-television pundits, slightly hoarse and completely exhausted after spending a full year in more or less continuous yakety-yak about the presidential race.

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