IPA: jˈɑkut

Root Word: Yakut


  • One of a Siberian people who speak a Turkic language, and live in the Lena river basin.
  • The language of these people.

Examples of "yakut" in Sentences

  • The Yakut people are a large ethnic group in Sakha.
  • Some believe that it is a dialect of Yakut language.
  • Latoel defeated Yakut by two round unanimous decision.
  • In the east traditionally dwell the northern Turkic Yakut.
  • Cengiz Yakut as a poet is a passionate humanist and thinker.
  • There is no indication of such use of familiars by the Yakut.
  • He argued for the adoption of this alphabet to the Yakut language.
  • To the east the plateau gives way to the low lying land of the Yakuts.
  • According to the ancient Yakut people, the Abaasy inhabit the underworld.

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