IPA: jˈɑɫu

Root Word: Yalu


  • A river forming the southern part of the China-North Korea border.

Examples of "yalu" in Sentences

  • He was buried in a mass grave near the Yalu River.
  • Either way Yalu is the international used name now.
  • The Yalu river tidal project is particularly ambitious.
  • The Yalu is also used for passenger and freight traffic.
  • The region bordering on the Yalu River is mainly precipices.
  • They are listed counterclockwise, from the Yalu to the Tumen.
  • Mao ordered the army to move to the Yalu River, ready to cross.
  • It was an armed reconnaissance of the region just south of the Yalu.
  • On the same day, the PVA formally crossed the Yalu River under strict secrecy.

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