IPA: jˈɑmʌ

Root Word: Yama


  • (Hinduism, Buddhism) The Hindu lord of death, who rides a buffalo.

Examples of "yama" in Sentences

  • Mikasa yama riding a white deer.
  • One of these has an image of Yama.
  • The curse to Yama is a little different.
  • The Yamas and Niyamas are the vital keys.
  • The love factor brings disrepute to Yama.
  • Dharma and Yama are not one and the same.
  • She is the consort of Yama, lord of the underworld.
  • Shveta was not at all disturbed at the sight of Yama.
  • Another would be the comparison between O yama and Satan.
  • The crow is considered a messenger of Yama or the spirit of the ancestors.
  • “All of us who had been in the organization since the mid-thirties knew the word yama meant mountain.”
  • Some translate it as “kan yama kan,” which means something like “once upon a time” or “a long, long time ago.”
  • For example, if you look at the kanji for mountain, it can be pronounced "yama" or "san" depending I'm still not clear on when you use one or the other.
  • Through restraint yama such as abstaining from intoxicants and careful attention to one's actions of body, speech and mind, the human being becomes fit to practice meditation.
  • The Yamnaya culture, named for its characteristic burials in rectangular pits (yama is Russian for pit) beneath kurgans or mounds, is found throughout the steppe north of the Caspian and Black seas and west of the Ural River.
  • They are attained according to the Yoga Sûtras by the exercise of saṃyama which is the name given conjointly to the three states of dhâraṇâ, dhyâna and samâdhi when they are applied simultaneously or in immediate succession to one object of thought [672].

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