IPA: jɑmɑmˈoʊtoʊ

Root Word: Yamamoto


  • A surname from Japanese, one of the 10 most common in Japan.
  • A district of Akita Prefecture in northwestern Honshu, Japan.
  • A Japanese battleship class.

Examples of "yamamoto" in Sentences

  • Yamamoto moved to Yokohama as a child.
  • I can't explain the behavior of Yamamoto.
  • Yamamoto was the eldest son in his family.
  • Yamamoto falls, becoming the first casualty.
  • Yamamoto estimated the population at 900 in 2000.
  • Yamamoto intended the attack to follow a declaration.
  • Ya bested me again ya little chocolate bitch ... yamamoto!
  • As with Yamamoto, he was a strong proponent of naval aviation.
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  • To guard against mischance, Yamamoto initiated two security measures.
  • All reference to Yamamoto Tatewaki should be stricken as a digression.
  • He would out duel another veteran, this time screwballer Masahiro Yamamoto.
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  • In May of 1925, after a new factory was completed and all lamp products were moved to that facility, Matsushita signed a contract with the yamamoto Trading Company giving it exclusive rights to sell the bicycle lamp nationwide in exchange for a guaranteed purchase of ten thousand units a month.
  • So here's one from past spring, from Kei-kon 2009. jj-dreamworldz who's always making faces when I need to look at her while keeping a serious face ... and who's my partner in oh wow you two are soo cool in your pictures together! you pull off the serious Gokudera so well and dreamworld pulls off yamamoto just has well love it! you look mad ... i love the jumpsuits
  • Think of it like this, Tousen is already fricking captain level while being blind, something which would be kinda hard since you'd actually need to see, hear, feel or whatever sense is/are needed to have a fighting-chance against even the weakest of opponents and tousen is supposed to be one of the strongest in the whole series, so giving him the ability to see would probably essentially make him as powerful as ichi is in his second vizard form … (Maybe even being able to take aizen or yamamoto heads on and still win)

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