IPA: jˈɑnʌ

Root Word: Yana


  • A female given name from the Slavic languages. A romanization of the Bulgarian or Russian name Я́на (Jána).
  • A river in Sakha (Yakutia), Russia that rises near Verkhoyansk and flows into the Yana Bay of the Laptev Sea.
  • A member of a North American Indian people who once resided in the eastern portion of the upper Sacramento River valley in California.
  • The now extinct language of the Yana people, best known for a systematic differentiation between men's and women's speech.
  • (Buddhism) Any of the vehicles of Buddhist or Tantric practice.

Examples of "yana" in Sentences

  • Position in the nine yana schema.
  • Yana likes to draw and paint as well.
  • Its headquarters are in the town of Yana.
  • Yana picked up a tennis racquet aged six.
  • Introduction and qualification of the term yana.
  • Vajra means diamond and yana means wheel or vehicle.
  • Yana is often associated with the hypothetical Hokan stock.
  • Ai yei yai ya na ye he ye ye yi yan e ya qana ai ye yi yat yana
  • Because of bad weather he was forced to winter on the Yana River.
  • A young ingenue, Yana, played Cinderella with Tommy Steele in a cameo.
  • His Râmâyana which is an original composition and not a translation of
  • One particular keynote of mahayoga yana has to do with the use of visualization.
  • Matlomagan-yana, or the “Links”, is quite a chain of these never-failing springs.
  • We know the outcome from the beginning, but it did not spoil the unfolding of Tat'yana's tale.
  • Matlomagan-yana (the Links), extends its fertilizing influence beneath the plains of the Kalahari.
  • The character of Tat'yana is very strong, honest and she firmly believes in the fight for her country.
  • Ha ka yana, nagmamangno hiya han iya "rent-to-own fish cage" ngan nangangalayon la gihap hiya ha nauna niya nga gin tratrabahu-an.
  • Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism encompasses Vajrayana (a Sanskrit word that is a conjunction of vajra which may be translated as diamond, thunder or indestructible and yana or vehicle).
  • Thus, Chittamatra Followers of Scripture assert three ultimate vehicles of mind (mthar-thug theg-pa, ultimate vehicles) – shravaka-yana, pratyekabuddha-yana, and bodhisattva-yana.
  • _K [= a] mas [= u] tram_ (or _Kama Soutra_) of V [= a] tsy [= a] yana, which is nothing less than a handbook for libertines, of which it would be impossible even to print the table of contents.

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