IPA: jæŋgʌn

Root Word: Yangon


  • The largest city and former capital of Myanmar (Burma).

Examples of "yangon" in Sentences

  • Yangon has three radio stations.
  • It is at a distance of from Yangon.
  • But now I'm in Yangon for temporary.
  • It is linked to Yangon by road and rail.
  • Yankin is a thriving commercial hub of Yangon.
  • Zar Ni Aung, yangon, myanmar (15 Aug 2009, 07: 52)
  • I suggest that Yangon be used throughout the article.
  • Both stations are on the Yangon to Mandalay rail line.
  • That place is just out side of bago to yangon high way.
  • Headquarters are based in Yangon and Mandalay respectively.
  • For more advanced treatments, they have to go to Yangon or abroad.
  • The shape of the pagoda is a copy of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar.
  • But strive is a must, for the city is full of sights and wonderful places to explore, tourists will never get to see the real yangon without a little strive.

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