IPA: jˈɛmʌni

Root Word: Yemeni


  • a person from Yemen or of Yemeni descent


  • of, from, or pertaining to Yemen, or the Yemeni people

Examples of "yemeni" in Sentences

  • Reported to be in Yemeni custody.
  • Yemeni jihadist rehabilitation program.
  • The same with the Saudis and the Yemenis.
  • Role in post unification Yemeni government.
  • The swap quelled the simmering Yemeni rebellion.
  • He was granted Yemeni citizenship and a passport.
  • Muhammad then draped it with a white Yemeni cloth.
  • Taker of the picture of hummus in the Yemeni bowl.
  • And as far as this goes with comparing them to Yemeni.
  • A Yemeni dress designer, said that Yemeni women vacillate between traditional and modern styles.
  • BREAKFASTS includes bubble and squeak, homemade yoghurt, yemeni pancakes, kedgeree and delicious Glasgow potato scones really delicious.
  • The parcel was flown to Dubai on a Qatar Airways flight from the yemeni capital, Sana'a, after a stop in Doha, an Emirati aviation official told the state news agency WAM on Saturday.
  • The “dark ones” are Yemenis, a separate country right below saudi that was the slave trading center of the arab world, most non-yemeni saudis are on the dark side of Mediterranean skinned.

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