IPA: zækɝˈaɪʌs

Root Word: Zacharias


  • A male given name from Hebrew.
  • Alternative form of Zechariah [(biblical) A king of Israel mentioned in the second book of Kings.]

Examples of "zacharias" in Sentences

  • She was assigned to the care of a priest named Zacharias.
  • I see that you create the main entry for Zacharias Fomum.
  • Surely Zacharias has noticed this,it is such a basic mistake.
  • Parackal Zacharias continued the construction work relentlessly.
  • I think all these things add to the case of Ravi Zacharias' notability.
  • As the title of the article is not Zacharias de Ghisolfi, that is a problem.
  • Also Zacharias Topelius had escaped the disease to the peaceful countryside.
  • Zacharias in Islam is not only regarded as a priest but as a prophet as well.
  • A man named Pfeifer in the Zacharias building opened the first saloon in 1855.
  • Manipulating it seems to be part of their playbook e.g. the zacharias moussaoui trial
  • And Judas departed from the citadel and encamped at Beth-zacharias, opposite the king's camp.
  • Judas, who was able at this time to rally an army of ten thousand men, met the Syrian host near the town of Beth-zacharias, a little north of
  • Then the king rose early in the morning and had his army set out at full speed along the road to Beth-zacharias and his forces prepared for battle and the trumpets were sounded.
  • November 8, 2009 zacharias wei, aku tgk kedah v selangor last year, takde pulak nak bakar2 ... samanosuke_04 adeh, sebagai rakyat Kelantan, malu betol aku ngan penyokong2 ... bajiku.
  • Beth-zur, where Judas Maccabeus won such a victory that he was able to rededicate the Temple, and Beth-zacharias, through whose broad valley-roads the Syrian elephants wound their heavy way, to drive Judas back on his precarious base at the capital.

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