IPA: zæmbˈoʊni

Root Word: Zamboni


  • An ice resurfacing machine used to groom skating rinks, especially for professional use.

Examples of "zamboni" in Sentences

  • Sobotka's role as Zamboni driver.
  • One form of dry pile is the Zamboni pile.
  • Zamboni thus saved them from deportation as well.
  • Zamboni also had a successful career internationally.
  • A Zamboni driver who wears a goatee and a Canada toque.
  • The Frank Zamboni company is overly prominent in the article.
  • Zamboni machines were used in an attempt to remove the water.
  • April 9, 2010 at 11:54 am why is teh zamboni going backwards?
  • April 6, 2010 at 8:07 am xtra cheez yello submereen z… uh, zamboni
  • Zamboni was among the first generation of musicians to be recorded.
  • | Reply | Permalink zamboni is gonna cry when they take away her designer bags "mommy, i wanna keep them"
  • | Reply is there any market in which the black hockey fans can fit on more than the top of a zamboni? griftdrift
  • Maybe it's because the word zamboni reminds me of the word boner and wouldn't one of those make me oh so happy right now.
  • Si/nce I did mention the possibility of hell freezing over the next question: Does Charon have a license to operate a zamboni?
  • As a consequence I and my fellow hockey-parents spend a lot of time in those communities waiting for the game to start, or the zamboni to finish resurfacing the ice.
  • i love it! of course, i think amusement with just the word "zamboni" should qualify a gal. come on. or even just being at a hockey game. shouldn't that count major cool points?

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