IPA: zɑpˈɑtʌ

Root Word: Zapata


  • A peninsula in southern Matanzas, Cuba.
  • A census-designated place, the county seat of Zapata County, Texas, United States.
  • A surname from Spanish.

Examples of "zapata" in Sentences

  • Trying years and the Zapata merger.
  • Zapata in south and central Mexico.
  • Zapata also is a singer, and dancer.
  • Zapata also won a contract with Kuwait.
  • Thanks for writing the article Joey zapata.
  • From Zapata all the way back to the Olmecs.
  • Zapata takes control of the state of Guerrero.
  • Re: [zapata Bob] David-What would you do without Kip?
  • A slightly expanded FT would be to include the Zapata Swamp.
  • Zapata is depicted in the film as an incorruptible rebel leader.
  • Re: [zapata Bob] Does Jocotepec have a good internet connection?
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  • Thank you for a wonderful piece of flash fiction, Angel. angel zapata Says:
  • The Zapatista army was united entirely by the charismatic leadership of Zapata.
  • Thinking of moving to Jocotepec and wondered what were the internet connection options. zapata Bob
  • When it's time to go home I will be saying Adios to Lakeside and to Mexconnect as of now. zapata Bob
  • You can get Laguna wireless in Joco and supposedly, within a year, you will be able to get high speed Prodigy. zapata Bob
  • It's kinda funny that the first place winner of the Lake Chapala Review's "A Shot At The Cover" 2003 was won by there very own photographer!!! zapata Bob

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