IPA: zˈɑriʌ

Root Word: Zaria


  • A large city in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Examples of "zaria" in Sentences

  • Under the governance of Kaduna is the ancient city of Zaria.
  • Zaria or Zoria is the goddess of beauty in Slavic mythology.
  • The present site of Birnin Zaria was found to be most suitable.
  • He grew up in Zaria and had his early life and education there.
  • Zaria is said to camp at Anguwar Zaria to oversee the building process.
  • Uwais is the son of the Chief Alkali, and later Waziri of Zaria emirate.
  • These inselbergs are very important in the development of settlements in Zaria.
  • In 1980 the university ceased functioning as a faculty of its Zaria counterpart.
  • In the twinkle of an eye, she had transported him from zaria to a battle scene in isreal.

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