IPA: zɑrkʌ

Root Word: Zarqa


  • The capital of Zarqa Governorate in Jordan.
  • Alternative form of zarka [A cantillation mark found in the Torah, Haftarah, and other books of the Hebrew Bible.]

Examples of "zarqa" in Sentences

  • Directly to the north of Caesarea is the town of Jisr az Zarqa.
  • Zarqa Nawaz based much of the show on her personal experiences.
  • During overflow, untreated water runs directly to the Zarqa river.
  • Along the Zarqa, we find crystalline limestone alternating with shale.
  • Later this poem was used in film Zarqa with slight changes in the words.
  • The Zarqa river carved into the western edge of one of these side wadis.

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