IPA: zˈiɫʌnd

Root Word: Zealand


  • The largest island of Denmark.
  • Zeeland, the southwestern province of the Netherlands.
  • (uncommon) Clipping of New Zealand. [A country and archipelago in Oceania, to the east of Australia. Official name: New Zealand. Capital: Wellington.]

Examples of "zealand" in Sentences

  • New Zealand has garnered immense prestige.
  • England subjugated Australia and New Zealand.
  • Australia were largely untroubled by New Zealand.
  • Australia and New Zealand have imputation systems.
  • It removed the crime of sedition from the New Zealand.
  • The footman was therefore sent to New Zealand to recover.
  • New Zealand is the largest supplier of farm raised venison.
  • Bulrush Lake is a lake in the Northland Region of New Zealand.
  • New Zealanders are arguably the most materialistic people of earth.
  • It is the theological college of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand.

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